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Alwar Bagh

Alwar Bagh resort is equipped with 32- air-conditioned luxury rooms, clustered in Villas and Haveli, Multi cuisine restaurant, swimming pools located amidst lush green gardens offering a panoramic view of the natural surroundings, amusement park for children and a conference hall. Rajasthani folk dances and songs are organized every evening. The banqueting facilities are extended on a defined area for wedding functions, parties and picnics. Spa facilities include Body Therapies, Hand & Foot Care and Face Vitality & Body Polishes which bring a sense of well-being and relaxation.



Alwar Bagh Resort

 An irresistible weekend getaway

By: S.K.Bakhshi

 Alwar and its surrounding boast of  some mesmerizing forts and truly  splendid palaces in which  architectural embellishment from  every conceivable tradition have  been used. The palaces here offer a  splendid fusion of Mughal and Rajput  style and a fondness for ornate carving, frescoes and gardens.  Its  picturesque ambience is made up of  hills and valleys and placid lakes.  Situated almost midway between Delhi and Jaipur, Alwar during the ancient period was occupied by Matsya king Virata. It became an important post of Mughal Empire in the mediaeval period. In the later part of Mughal Empire it was annexed to Jat ruler of Bhartpur. Pratap Singh, a Kachhwaha Rajput of Machhier captured it from Jats in 1775 and laid the foundation of a separate state of Alwar. 

 Alwar today is busy and growing  industrial district but reminders of its  historic past are strewn all over the  region. There are number of places of  tourist interest in and around Alwar.  Its  proximity with the national capital has  made Alwar a weekend destination for  visitors from Delhi and Jaipur. To make  your stay comfortable and enjoyable a  number of hotels have come up. For  those who wish to stay close to Mother  Nature amidst green environment, Alwar Bagh is most sought after retreat.  Alwar Bagh resort is located at 170 kms form Delhi and 15 kms from Alwar city on Alwar-Jaipur Road. 

Surrounded by the picturesque Aravalli hills, Alwar Bagh is nestled in eco friendly environment. Located just at 15 kms from Alwar between Sariska National Park and the city, Alwar Bagh is the first choice of foreign and domestic tourists. Spread over 5 acres of lush green expanse, the resort is built in authentic Rajasthani architecture without compromising on modern amenities within the resort.  

 Alwar Bagh resort is equipped with 32-  air-conditioned luxury rooms, clustered  in Villas and Haveli, Multi cuisine  restaurant, swimming pools located  amidst lush green gardens offering a  panoramic view of the natural  surroundings, amusement park for  children and a conference hall.   Rajasthani folk dances and songs are  organized every evening.  The banqueting facilities are extended on a defined area for wedding functions, parties and picnics.  Spa facilities include Body Therapies, Hand & Foot Care and Face Vitality & Body Polishes which bring a sense of well-being and relaxation.   

Educational institutes, corporate bodies  and multinational companies undertake  some special activities while on offsite  trips. Alwar Bagh provides activities such  as Tree plantation, Cooking in traditional  village kitchen using clay chulha (clay  stove), visit to village school class room,  camel cart ride etc which are most  sought after.  Other activities available  to the residents are bicycling, indoor  games, Badminton, Dart, Village walks  etc. For adventure enthusiasts Alwar  Bagh can arrange for adventure sports such as Double Jumaring, Flying fox, River Crossing, Tyrolean Traverse in the resort itself on request.  

 If you are looking for a perfect holiday, Alwar Bagh resort is  home away from home.  Aravalli hills form a romantic and  beautiful backdrop to the resort. The service is excellent  and the food is delectable.  Mr. Shoryavardhan Singh, the  Managing Director of Alwar Bagh is a man of vision and  ensures that his resort offers value for your money.While at  Alwar Bagh, going for the sightseeing in and around Alwar is  easy. The places you should visit include: 

 Sariska Tiger Sanctuary: located at 19 km from the Alwar  Bagh, is one of the most visited wildlife sanctuaries of India. The reserve was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1958 and came under the "Project Tiger" as a Sariska Tiger Reserve in 1979. Sariska Tiger Reserve occupies a total area of about 800 sq. km, with the core area being approximately 500 sq. km. It is located among the Aravalli ranges in Alwar. There are monuments of religious importance located within the park boundary  

Siliserh was Maharaja Viney Singh’s modest palace overlooking a picturesque lake. Once used as a hunting lodge is now Hotel Lake Palace of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation. Motor boats and rowing boats are available. Some water adventure activities under license from RTDC are outsourced here.  It is suggested that equipments and safety procedures, individual’s health and capability must be ascertained before undertaking such activities. Since all adventure sports are associated with risk, it is imperative to hire proficient and trained guides and instructors.  

Bala Quila, also known as The Alwar fort was constructed by Nikumbha Rajputs in 10th century. It was under occupation of Khanzadas Mughals and Jats successively until Maharaja Pratap Singh annexed it in 1775 and laid the foundation of Alwar State.  The imposing fort situated 1000 feet above the city of Alwar has 5 kms. of ramparts from north to south and 1.5 kms from east to west. It has 15 large and 51 small towers which contain 446 holes for musketry and eight large towers all around defend it.  There are six entrances to the fort namely, Chand Pol, Suraj Pol, Jaipol, Kishan Pol, Andheri Gate and Laxman Pol. 

City Palace: Built by Maharaja Viney Singh in the 18th century, is one of the most beautiful palaces of Rajasthan. Its architecture is a blend of Rajput and Mughal style. Today Most of the palace is occupied by government offices but upper floors are used as a museum. The museum houses one of the finest collection of ancient manuscripts (Sanskrit and Persian), archeological finds, paintings (Mughal and Rajput school), armory and royal silver dining table used to entertain the nobility of the royal era, bicycle, ivory slippers, musical instruments and many more beautiful articles. 

Sagar: Just behind the City Palace is locally known as Sagar. It offers beautiful views during the rainy season. The tank has flight of steps leading to its bottom and is surrounded by twelve cenotaphs or chhatris built of red marble slabs. 

Moosi Rani Ki Chhatri, opposite Sagar is built in the memory of Moosi Rani, wife of Maharaja Bakhtawar Singh. This cenotaph (Chhatri) built in white marble and red stone has magnificent stone carving. This architectural marvel is a symbol of eternal love and sacrifice 

Hope Circus: This is another monument that attracts the attention of the visitors.  It was named after Miss.Hope, daughter of Lord Linlithglow, the then Viceroy of India on the occasion of his visit to Alwar in 1939.

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